Second time is a charm

by Chriselle Bayross
Malaysia city, 2019

When I set out to travel nearly 20 years ago, I did have a list of places to tick off. Over the years my idea of travel has evolved. I probably wouldn’t have said this a few years ago, but I am happy to revisit places as well

Would you plan a trip to re-visit a place you liked?

This year I revisited a couple of cities starting with Kochi (one of my favorites) at the beginning of the year and then just recently Malaysia (visited for the third time). This got me thinking about how I travel now.I have begun to realize that just like travelling is a privilege, revisiting a place is a privilege too! And a fun one at that!

So, don’t say no when you get the chance to vacation in a destination you think, you know, because it will definitely surprise you. Let me tell you why:

Our first trip to Malacca, Malaysia in 2011
Colourful Bicycles in Malaysia 2011

1. Old is Gold:

With countries in South east Asia it’s always a pleasure to eat the local food, again! In Thailand for example, I dream of eating all my favorites and experiencing those tastes that you can only experience here!

In Malaysia I was really looking forward to taking my parents to Melaka. Since it was a Portuguese settlement, I thought it would be fun for them to connect a bit of their own history with a new place. I have a separate blog post on what you can do in Malacca coming up!

2. Evolution Revolution:

My first trip to Pondicherry was a budget trip and I steered clear of fine dining, instead seeking out local favorites. At this point in my life, I was able to enjoy gems like the Coromandel Café and would love to visit again! Yes I can actually dream about the European food at this restaurant that’s how much I like it. It’s nice to explore how much you have evolved along with the places you visit.

Beautiful our Lady of Angels Church that we visited in 2018 in Pondicherry
Our Lady of Angels Church, Pondicherry, 2018

3. Look deeper

Some trips let you do only highlights because of the paucity of time. But there is so much to see if you really look within a place! For ex; on my second trip to Pondicherry I was able to visit the beautiful church –Our Lady of Angels Church. It was the first time I was seeing a church that is pink!

In Kochi also, I was able to experience the architecture  of the historic area so much better because they were used as the Kochi Biennale venues. I feel Kochi has so much more to explore. Infact, I look forward to going back to visit the Indo-Portuguese museum soon!

4. Creating downtime on holiday

Can you imagine doing a pool day when you are on holiday? How can you when you have so much to see right? But when you are revisiting the place, you can always find  time to chill and visit the pool! Or even go back to your favorite café and people watch over the same cold coffee! Definitely feels like a holiday now!

To be honest my holidays do have pool days and time off interacting or meeting with locals. I always say to myself that there should be things to see when I re-visit it!

5. Enjoy different travel styles

The first time I went to Kochi was with my parents and we stayed at Willingdon island. The second time I was with my friend, right next to Fort Kochi or the touristy center. Definitely two different vibes but both were good (thankfully).

With one I got to see a proper residential neighborhood and the other I got to experience more of the hustle and bustle of the city. This was clearly because I was with older folks that appreciated a quieter hotel. The next time I visited we stayed in a local B&B with a less amenities but much more engagement.

So what about you? Would you consider revisiting a place? By this I mean actually drawing up an entire holiday plan at a place you have been to before? Do let me know what you think.

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