Learning with Flash cards

by Chriselle Bayross

Did you know that when babies are newborns they can only see large shapes and faces? Since details are hazy, at first they cannot recognize people with their eyes. They have to rely on their sense of smell etc.

Alphabet flashcard with letter E. Cartoon cute elephant animal picture and english word on flash card for children education. School memory cards for kindergarten kids flat vector illustration.

By 3-4 months they can see a variety of smaller objects and tell the difference between colours. Then by 4 months babies generally start developing depth perception. And by 12 months a child’s vision reaches normal adult levels while he/she continues to learn about and understand what he sees.

What are flashcards?

Babies upto 3 months old can see in black, white and red . It’s great for them to be shown flash cards with these contrasting colours.A flash card is a card containing a small amount of information, held up for pupils to see, as an aid to learning. Hence you can start using these at a few months old and continue till older.

Why use flash cards?

Flashcards are super simple to use. By looking at these cards your baby will get familiar with the objects and the repeated words. Looking at flashcards will stimulate your baby’s brain development. More advanced flash cards can be used as they get older.

Flash cards :

  1. Improves Cognitive Development
  2. Develops Photographic Memory
  3. Aids communication or language skills
  4. Creates Visual Stimulation

Where can you get flash cards?

Buy them: I have used curious bees flash cards https://tinyurl.com/yc4sacbh for my 4 month old. But there are so many to try like https://tinyurl.com/487hfbk9 or good old Amazon https://www.amazon.in/Flash-Cards/b?ie=UTF8&node=1378345031

Make them yourself: They are simple to make and there are many affordable and free resources online. I use Canvah https://www.canva.com/flashcards/templates/ to make many of my designs and you can make flashcards with it too! Another good idea is to use pictures from magazines, but make sure that they are all of the same size. Also, they can’t be see through and If you laminate them they can be used for years.

Using flashcards really helped my little one, where earlier she couldn’t focus. All that I had to do was hold them up, in her direct vision and describe the picture. She now follows the flashcards as they move around her. Her favorite flash card is the doggie and she gurgles and responds to them!

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