Never bought things for babies before? Well I am here to help you

by Chriselle Bayross

Well from my recent experience I am here to help. Let’s sort out any queries you may have on gifts for babies. These are somethings that people may not think of, but make good gifts.

Baby Nail Cutting Set:

Surprisingly something I did not think of but was useful. I also had the guts to my little one’s fingers with the least inconvenience to the both of us. The baby size of the equipment made it super cute too!

Check this one out:

Books for Babies:

This is a customized gift option because I love reading. But think about it! You would be starting the baby of on his/her reading journey. The baby will thank you later.

I bought a bunch of books from @that_book_store that deals in preloved books and also curates books

Baby Bag

Most people will gift things to put in the bag. How about gifting the bag itself? A smart option for  a bag would be appreciated, especially if you ask the parents the kind they would like.

There are just too many options here. But here is a nice one:

Decor Items for Babies Room:

This is another nice one. Something that baby can look at and enjoy. There are so many cute options available like:

I also got gifted this really cute Christmas decor from @vidyotmaarya :

Baby Fun Stuff:

A cool aunt bought my little one a dozen headbands that were super cute! Think of sunglasses, rattles, cute shoes and funny bibs etc.

These are the ones I am eyeing:

In my experience everyone is concentrating on the serious stuff, but things like this will help the parents enjoy the baby and have some fun. 

For us clothes and packs of baby goods like lotions and baby oil etc. was a hot favorite. But the best thing you can do ( if you can do it) is to ask the new parents what they would like. Recently there is also a concept of ‘Wishlists’ where the parents list their items of choice at different price bands. It may make sense to buy something from off of there. Another great gift is spending time and helping the new parents to look after the baby. That would be priceless!

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